2021 3rd International Conference on New Energy Science and Environmental Engineering(NESEE2021)
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Brief Introduction

This conference will focus on research frontiers in fields including "energy and environment systems", "new energy technology", "renewable energy", "environmental pollution and prevention", "environmental protection management", "fundamental theories of environmental science". It aims to provide an international exchange platform for researchers on new energy and environmental science as well as enterprise managers to share research achievements, discuss problems and challenges, and explore new research frontiers.

Renewable energy grid interconnection

Operation and control of High voltage DC grids

Operation and planning of Active distribution system

District energy internet/District comprehensive energy systems

Source-grid-load-storage coordination dispatch

Renewable energy generation and distribution

Smart grid security

Modeling and analysis of resilient Energy internet

Modeling, co-simulation and analysis of Cyber-Physical System (CPS) of Energy internet

Simulation & control for power system with high penetration of renewables

Key equipment of energy internet

Energy router

Solid state transformer

Energy storage and transformation equipment

Smart Energy Systems

Integration of renewable energy resources and energy storage

Future electricity markets and peer-to-peer trading

Smart charging of plugged-in electric vehicles

Demand side response and energy flexibility

Multi energy systems and sector coupling

● Environmental protection and sustainable development

Solid waste management

Drainage and sanitation

Sustainable technology implementation challenges

Ocean health and climate change mitigation

Marine environment, physical oceanography and meteorology

Risk Management